The Engineering Profession Act, 46 of 2000 (:the EPA") provides inter alia for the establishment of a juristic person to be known as the Engineering Institution of Zambia ("EIZ").
An important focus of the Act is aimed at promoting the safety, health and interest of the public as these are affected by the engineering work and professional conduct of persons registered with EIZ . For more information about EIZ and its functions, refer to "What is EIZ " on the Home Page. This section deals primarily with the Rules published by EIZ relating to the Code of Professional Conduct and the Method of Enquiry into alleged Improper Conduct (see Legal on Home Page).
It is a special quality of a Profession to allow its conduct and ethics to be made subject to the scrutiny of its peers and the public. The objects of the Rules of Conduct for Registered Persons (better known as the Code of Professional Conduct) are to ensure that Registered Persons apply their knowledge and skill in the interest of humanity and the environment; to execute their work with integrity and sincerity and in accordance with generally accepted norms of professional conduct; and respect the interest of their fellow being and honour the standing of the Profession.

EIZ Act , 2010

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