Remarks by EIZ President during the launch of the Strategic Plan


Welcome to this auspicious occasion at which the Engineering Institution of Zambia is about to launch two important tools that will guide the way EIZ will be managed.

We at EIZ believe that any plan must be written and our actions must be guided by written instructions that are premised on regulations. Today we are launching the Strategic Plan to guide us from 2019 to 2023 and the Mentorship Programme to guide us in creating a cadre of Engineering Professionals that will be better than us in the way they think, they talk and they act.

Guest of Honour Sir, The Engineering Council and Management have just completed the implementation of the instructions given to us by members, as itemized in the Strategic Plan of 2014 to 2018. May I hasten to say that, though the goals given were challenging, we performed tremendously well and we met and exceeded most of the set KPIs.

The last Strategic Plan was premised on consolidating the Institution in the wake of the new EIZ Act No. 17 of 2010, building identity of EIZ and growing membership across the length and breadth of the country and in all sectors and disciplines of Engineering. I am happy to report that we have established constitutional order in our systems, we have internalized corporate governance best practices; we have attracted highly qualified staff at Secretariat and built the EIZ brand into an admired, envied and respected professional body in the Land.

The results of the impressive implementation of the Strategic Plan have manifested in form of membership growth to over 45,000 Engineering Professionals, Students and Firms and annual revenues in excess of K35 million. May I thank and congratulate all those that have contributed to this impressive performance on all the objectives set in the last Strategic Plan.

Guest of Honour Sir,
The Strategic Plan we are about to launch today is tuned to build on the gains of the previous one. As a Council we took time to review our internal and external environment. We identified our strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of our findings and Lessons Learnt from the last five years, we have crafted a new Strategic Plan that is forward looking and focused on improving the welfare of our members and our communities, in accordance with the dictates of our creed as Engineering, which is to put service before profits, to always act in a manner that uplifts the Engineering Profession and to do everything in our powers to enhance the welfare of our society.

Our new Strategic Plan recognises our expanding membership and therefore has put in place objectives to enhance our Information Management Systems to more effectively register our members and manage our database. We have recognised our growing finances and have therefore, put in place objectives to more effectively provide stewardship over resources of members using computerised accounting and control systems. We have recognised the need for faster, reliable and real time communication with our members, therefore we have put in place objectives for implementing smart solutions, to take advantage of the Engineering advances such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. We have recognised members’ fatigue to paying subscriptions; therefore we have put in place strategies for alternative and innovative sources of revenue from initiatives such as the EIZ Shop, specialist training and investment options.

As regards our statutory function as the advisor to GRZ on matters of Engineering, EIZ has crafted strategies on how to effectively influence government policy in a manner that will make Zambia meet the goals summarised in the Vision 2030 and Agenda 2063. In the area of international engagement, EIZ will engage robustly within UNESCO, World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO) and Southern African Federation of Engineering Organisations (SAFEO) to participate in using Engineering to find solutions to problems affecting humanity, particularly in Sub Saharan Africa, caused by climate change, hunger, depleting water sources, poor communication networks and ignorance.

To help achieve our goals in Strategic Plan and expectations of our Community, as summarized in the 7th National Development Plan, Vision 2030 and Agenda 2063, EIZ believes that a professional Engineering cadre with the correct training, correct attitude towards work and is well-grounded in ethics and patriotism is ensured. It is in this regard that we are today launching the EIZ Mentorship, Apprenticeship and Internship Program. This is a program, benchmarked against similar initiatives in countries that have excelled. Young Engineering Professionals will be assigned mentors, specially selected from Senior Members of the fraternity with track record for achievement. The purpose is to facilitate the transfer of values, good attitude and to facilitate networking with those that have achieved. On behalf of the Engineering Council, I would like to thank the Mentorship Committee that was chaired by Senior Engineer Jackson Sikamo, for a good document that was a result of 2 years of very hard and professional work.

On behalf of The Engineering Institution of Zambia I wish to express our deepest condolences on the passing of Eng. Jackson Sikamo yesterday 27th June 2019 (MHSRIP). We are especially thankful to the Office of the Secretary to the Cabinet, and the former SC Dr Roland Msiska, for the encouragement and assistance to EIZ to start this programme.

It’s my hope that the two documents will help EIZ achieve its aspirations to be a world class Professional Body that meets the expectations of stakeholders.

Thank you. May God Bless

Eng. Sydney M Matamwandi
EIZ President