Luanshya Branch Launched

By Cynthia Chiyabu Ngwengwe

Councillor Justice Bwalya has commended EIZ’s commitment towards the promotion of engineering professionals in the country.
Speaking when he officiated at the EIZ’s Luanshya branch launch at Cholwa Guest House, Councillor Bwalya said he was happy to see that the institution is expanding and touching every part of the country so that all engineering professionals are attended to and informed of all institutional activities through branches.

“I have no doubt the commitment the institution has towards the improvement of the engineering fraternity in the country will go a long way with the introduction of these branches” he said.

He said the professionals need to take a lead in making meaningful contributions to the development of an effective, efficient and sustainable country by offering engineering solutions and contributing towards economic development.

And speaking at the same event, EIZ President Eng. Sydney Matamwandi said the institution shall continue to launch branches that will help in developing, promoting and uplifting the standards of practice of engineering professionals in Zambia.

Eng. Matamwandi said engineering is a very important contributor to the development of the country hence the need for engineering professionals to meet, share ideas and come up with tangible solutions to engineering challenges.

“As engineering professionals, we play a very important role in every walk of life as we convert knowledge of basic sciences into products with innovation capability of our engineering professionals playing a critical role in enabling Zambia to develop,” he said.

Northern Region Chairperson Eng. Dr John Siame said the launch of branches in every district will give members opportunities to interact and learn from each other.

And in declaring the branch launched, Vice President Membership and Continues Professional Development Eng. William Mulusa said Luanshya branch is the 22nd branch to have been launched in the institution to help members organise activities at local level.

“EIZ is passionate about serving its members and together we aim to unlock opportunities and create sustainable wealth for all our members through innovation, rewarding and enduring relationships,” Eng. Mulusa said.

Eng. Mulusa called on all the engineering professionals in Luanshya to be active and participate in all engineering activities in the institution.

And in his closing remarks, Vice President for Policy, Public Relations, and National Development Eng. Eugene Haazele called on all professionals to continue working as one if the institution is to continue offering advice to the government.

And branch interim chairperson Eng. Eng. Musonda Chansa said the executive will aim to encourage engineering professionals to participate in all activities and interact with industries to promote engineering concepts that have been learnt.

The following are the members of the Luanshya interim executive committee:
1. Eng. Musonda Chansa – Chairperson
2. Eng. Chawinga Victor – Vice Chairperson
3. Eng. Brian Phiri – Engineers’ Rep
4. Teg. Mukuka Musonda – Technologists’ Rep
5. Tec. Faith Mwaba – Technicians Rep
6. Cra. Rebecca Mutalisha – Craftspersons’ Rep