Engineering Institution of Zambia elects new president

By Cynthia Chiyabu Ngwengwe

14th April 2018 was the day engineering professionals awaited after nomination boxes were opened and valid nominations were circulated to the members.
The day was special in that it was the day the members would vote for a new President and Council to lead the institution for the next two (2) years.

The elections which were well contested saw the position of president having three candidates comprising of Eng. Kenneth Chense, Eng. Abel Ng’andu and Eng. Sydney Matamwandi contesting the position.

Eng. Eugene Haazele and Eng. Edward Zulu contested the position of Vice President – Policy Public Relations and National Development.

The position of Vice President – Finance and Administration was contested by Eng. Wesley Kaluba, Eng. Lt.Col. Lillian Muwina and Eng Yoram Sinyangwe.

The position of Technologists` representative was contested by Teg. Shadrick Chanda and Teg. Mutima Chikasa, making the contested positions four in total with six positions going unopposed.

Contestants were given a chance to address the members and state why they were the best candidates for the positions they were contesting.

Members then voted using electronic voting gadgets which were first introduced during the southern region AGM elections.

After members voted, Eng Matamwandi emerged as the EIZ President with Eng. Haazele taking the position of Vice President – Policy, Public Relations and National Development.

The position of Vice President – Finance and Administration was won by Eng. Wesley Wyman Kaluba with Teg. Shadrick Chanda taking the position of technologists` representative.

The unopposed positions saw Eng Willian Mulusa as the Vice President for Membership and CPD, with Eng. Monica Sililo Milupi taking the position of engineers` representative.

Tec. Noah Kasanda went unopposed in the position of technicians` representative, with Cra. Cosmas Chuula taking the position of Craftspersons’ representative, Eng. Charity Chola as engineering organisations` representative and Eng Desiderius Chapewa as engineering units` representative.

In his acceptance speech, Eng Matamwandi thanked all candidates who participated in the elections for putting up a good fight.
“A fight that has given democracy a good name in EIZ because we have demonstrated that there is time to urge, time to race but once election results are declared we unite for one purpose of taking the institution to another level”, he said.

He said the new Council will always consult and engage all members in areas of their expertise.
He said the participation of more than three members on the position of president shows that EIZ is a professional body for all the members around the country.

Eng Matamwandi thanked the nominations and elections committee for organising the elections in a professional manner and said that Council shall be committed to ensuring that members act in an ethical and professional way.

“To this effect we shall constitute a disciplinary committee to take care of those that might bleach this directive”, he said.

He further thanked the minister for taking a lead in protecting the interest of the engineering profession in the country.
Eng Matamwandi said jobs being taken by foreigners are causing so much pain to members and it is gratifying that the minister is taking the first step in protecting engineering jobs.

He said as a professional body supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure the institution shall support the various initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry to move the country forward.

“I have in mind the vision 2030. We will do our very best to make sure that the government succeeds in that endeavour; and for the vision 2064, we will do what we can. And we have read the 7th National Development Plan, a lot of what needs to be done or achieved will require the involvement of engineering professionals and our members stand ready to help government,” he said.

Eng Matamwandi further said the 59th Council has no intension of revising the policies set but to improve on them.

He then urged all the members to work with the new Council to grow the institution.

And outgoing president Eng George Sitali said he shall continue to offer his support to the new Council and the President.

He also thanked the outgoing for their dedication and service to the institution.
“The incoming Council and the president, your race has just began, and you need to ensure that this institution continues to grow”

Minister of Infrastructure called on the new Council to work together and grow the engineering profession in Zambia.

He said Council should also work in unity with the other candidates who did not make it in the election.
“Now that elections are done you all need to work as one to improve the profession in the country,” he said.