About Database Management Information System (DMIS):
The Engineering Institution of Zambia’s DMIS automates all critical member proceedures and returns them to your desktop, laptop or mobile devie. The system simply eliminates the physical walk-in to the EIZ secretariat and manual applications. The results are increased efficiency and quick response.

What Does it Take?
An email address and internet connectivity only How to Use the DMIS for the first time

1. Register
Through the link on the website, you click on “Online Registration” then “Register” and you will be redirected to the DMIS Log in screen.
For fisrt time log in, you must create a new user Account with a Password.

2. Log-in
After creating your account, you must log-in.
On User type, select Individual then enter your full email address and the password you created.

3. Apply / Update profile
Non Registered / New Members
After logging in, you follow the link to apply online.
You will then be redirected to the DMIS HOME page.
Under the Membership Registration section, click on “Apply Online Application”
Lastly, complete the online application form.
Registered / already exsting members
After the first log in, you are requested to update your profile. Click on the link to update.
You will then redirected to the Update Member Info page.
Lastly you complete the form and save the new profile.

Benefits of DMIS
Online Application
Easy update of details
Easy acces to information
Account inbox
Status updates
Online enquiry
Software copy admission letter and certificate
24 hours accessibility.
For more information contact the DMIS Administrator on

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