Members of the Institution shall consist of all persons, engineering organisations and units from time to time admitted, elected or transferred to any class of membership in accordance with this Constitution.

There are six Engineering Membership Categories, namely, Engineering Organisations and Units, Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, Crafts persons and Skilled persons.

Membership Classes 

The Engineers Membership Class 

  1. Fellow
  2. Professional Engineer
  3. Incorporate Engineer
  4. Associate Engineer
  5. Graduate Engineer
  6. Student Engineer

The Technologists Membership Class

  1. Professional Technologist
  2. Full Technologist
  3. Trainee Technologist
  4. Student Technologist

The Technicians Membership Class 

  1. Certified Technician
  2. Full Technician
  3. Trainee Technician
  4. Student Technician

The Crafts persons Membership Class 

  1. Master Crafts person
  2. Full Crafts person
  3. Trainee Craftsperson
  4. Crafts Person Assistant
  5. Student Crafts person

There are four other classes, namely, Life Member, Honorary Member, Affiliate Member and Skilled persons.