Core Values, Strategic Objectives


We shall institute internal consistency of actions, methods, measures and we shall observe zero tolerance against corruption. We shall live by our promise.
We shall be open in all our dealings with our members and all other stakeholders.
We shall work with unity of purpose irrespective of our different roles in achieving our institutional objectives.
We shall create an environment that fosters creativity.
We shall remain totally accountable for all our actions.
We shall follow best practice and exercise due care and diligence in the conduct of our day to day activities.



Objective 1   : To raise K50 million and construct a new EIZ headquarters building by 2016
Objective 2   : To achieve a membership growth of 25, 000 and increase compliance level to 90% of membership by 2018.
Objective 3   : Develop, promote, maintain and improve appropriate standards of qualification in the engineering profession;
Objective 4   : To develop, enhance and retain competent human capital at the EIZ secretariat
Objective 5   : To mainstream HIV/AIDS, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Gender, and Disability as cross cutting issues in EIZ programmes
Objective 6   : To provide advice to Government and the industry on matters relating to the Engineering Profession
Objective 7   : To promote the general advancement of Science ,Engineering, Technology and Allied Disciplines
Objective 8   : To foster value addition as a tool for industrialisation leading to sustainable national development

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