About EIZ

A professional statutory body mandated to promote and regulate the practice and conduct of engineering in Zambia and functions under Act No. 17 of 2010.

By virtue of its membership and powers vested in it by the Act, Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) is the Authority on all engineering matters in Zambia. it regulates the practice of engineering in all fields, including agriculture, construction, consultancy, information and communication technology, manufacturing, mining and metallurgy, power and energy, transport, water and sanitation.

EIZ‘s efforts are channeled through four key functions;

Recruit and Register engineering professionals, engineering organizations and engineering units; the board issues practicing certificates and licenses in the prescribed form to persons and companies who have been registered as engineers, technicians, craft persons and engineering firms, authorizing such persons named herein to practice in Zambia. It also works on encouraging compliance and bringing non-compliant companies and individuals into agreement with the law.

Regulate Professional Conduct; EIZ is the medium for engineers to refer to on matters relating to their professional conduct. It thrives to ensure that engineers perform their duties to the highest standard and integrity while maintaining the dignity of the profession. In doing so, it has issued guidelines and setting out the issues which all such codes of conduct must cover.
Investigate Allegations of Professional Misconduct and Impose Sanctions as be necessary; EIZ studies all matters of professional misconduct of engineers in order to determine whether there is a breath of professional ethics and code.

Develop Promote, Maintain and Improve Appropriate Standards of Qualification in the Engineering Profession; the Engineering profession plays a dominant part in the development of our country. The work of engineers forms the corporal setting of society, and has a reflective effect on the economic growth and development of the nation. EIZ provides for the reservation of work of engineering nature for the exclusive performance by registered persons to ensure that quality standards are maintained and also to safeguard the safety and interests of the public.

Working in Zambia
To the engineer wanting to practice in Zambia, the cardinal interpretations of the ACT are as follows:

Any person whether an individual or a corporate body who wishes to apply for appointment as an ‘engineer’ or ‘engineering firm’ in Zambia must be registered with the Board.

No person or firm shall be qualified to practice engineering within Zambia unless such a person’s or firm’s name is on the Register and has a valid practicing certificate.

Any person applying for an appointment, as an engineer for whom a work permit is required shall register with the Board before such a permit may be issued.

Any person applying for an appointment as an engineer for a short period for which a work permit may not be required shall seek special exemption from registration as an engineer from the Board.

Any foreign corporate body wishing to carry on the practice of engineering shall apply for registration as an engineering firm and be issued with a practicing certificate or seek exemption where appropriate.

Any person seconded to Zambia under a technical assistance program or project as an engineer shall be required to be registered by the Board or seek exemption where appropriate.

Contact our offices for further details; eiz@eiz.org.zm

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