CTS holds first Election

By Cynthia Chiyabu Ngwengwe

The Craftsperson and Technicians Section held their first election during the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Livingstone to usher in an executive that would lead the section for the next two years.

The section which was launched in September 2017 was run by an interim executive until April when elections were held.

The election saw Field Simwanda become the Chairperson, Emmanuel Nswana as the Vice President and Isaac Chama being elected as the Male Technicians Representative.

Cleave Silavwe took the Female Technicians Representative position with Samson Lungu taking the position of Male Craftsperson’s Representative and Lizzy Kavimba as Female Craftsperson’s Representative.

African Engineers should start leading in engineering projects within Africa

By Cynthia Chiyabu Ngwengwe

Federation of African Engineering Organisation (FAEO) President Eng. Julius Riungu says engineers are regarded as important people around the world hence the need to lead through their various projects.

He said engineers are a group of people with innovative minds and it is gratifying to note that the institution chose a theme speaking to innovation and competitiveness.

Eng Riungu said the development of a country and the world at large depends on engineering professionals.
“If you don’t use your brains to innovate new devices, projects and systems and create wealth for the country then there is no one who will do that,” he said.

He said the work of engineering professionals should be to ensure that the environment is conserved which will then help enhance development for the country.

He went on to say that the role of FAEO is to promote the engineering profession in Africa and also represent the interests of Africa in the world federation of engineers.
“We want to work with all African engineering organisations to ensure that engineering in Africa is promoted and all African countries to have the same standards in infrastructure across Africa,” he said.

He said the aim of the organisation is to ensure that engineers in Zambia can be called upon around Africa to work as consultants or contractors.
Eng. Riungu also thanked the president of EIZ for the support towards FAEO activities whenever called upon.

He said EIZ is one of the strongest institutions on the African continent because of a very strong secretariat to run the business of the institution and a Headquarters under construction.

He urged the institution to continue working harder and to be felt in the community.
“The government expects you as engineers to use the resources you have been given for the benefit of the people and consider their interest.” He said.
He went on to say that there are limited resources from government but if used rightly, then the continent will develop and go forward.

Eng Riungu said Africa has become poor because people given the responsibilities to do infrastructure development have decided to abuse the responsibilities.

He urged the engineering professionals in Zambia to take the interest of the people first.
He further said there is need for discipline among African engineers if the continent is to develop.
“I urge you my fellow engineers to aim to be consultants and contractors outside Africa and change the continent of Africa by ensuring that whatever we do is for the good of the people,” he said.

Eng. Riungu also urged the Minister of Infrastructure to support EIZ internship programme so that young engineers are mentored and won’t have to move to other professions due to lack of experience.

He said the internship programme should be taken seriously so that students from universities and colleges will be given internship in industry for them to have experience and get employed and continue developing the country.

He further said if this is not done, then the profession will continue losing young talent to different professions.

Eng Riungu said this requires money and, for the government, it is great investment which will pay dividends in the future.
“So we are urging all the governments around Africa to consider investing in such programmes that will benefit the country.” he said.

He said FAEO is negotiating with various partners including the AU to see how engineering can be supported through providing resources that are needed.

He went on to say that the organisation has also gone into partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering of the United Kingdom to support some of the activities.

Engineering Institution of Zambia elects new president

By Cynthia Chiyabu Ngwengwe

14th April 2018 was the day engineering professionals awaited after nomination boxes were opened and valid nominations were circulated to the members.
The day was special in that it was the day the members would vote for a new President and Council to lead the institution for the next two (2) years.

The elections which were well contested saw the position of president having three candidates comprising of Eng. Kenneth Chense, Eng. Abel Ng’andu and Eng. Sydney Matamwandi contesting the position.

Eng. Eugene Haazele and Eng. Edward Zulu contested the position of Vice President – Policy Public Relations and National Development.

The position of Vice President – Finance and Administration was contested by Eng. Wesley Kaluba, Eng. Lt.Col. Lillian Muwina and Eng Yoram Sinyangwe.

The position of Technologists` representative was contested by Teg. Shadrick Chanda and Teg. Mutima Chikasa, making the contested positions four in total with six positions going unopposed.

Contestants were given a chance to address the members and state why they were the best candidates for the positions they were contesting.

Members then voted using electronic voting gadgets which were first introduced during the southern region AGM elections.

After members voted, Eng Matamwandi emerged as the EIZ President with Eng. Haazele taking the position of Vice President – Policy, Public Relations and National Development.

The position of Vice President – Finance and Administration was won by Eng. Wesley Wyman Kaluba with Teg. Shadrick Chanda taking the position of technologists` representative.

The unopposed positions saw Eng Willian Mulusa as the Vice President for Membership and CPD, with Eng. Monica Sililo Milupi taking the position of engineers` representative.

Tec. Noah Kasanda went unopposed in the position of technicians` representative, with Cra. Cosmas Chuula taking the position of Craftspersons’ representative, Eng. Charity Chola as engineering organisations` representative and Eng Desiderius Chapewa as engineering units` representative.

In his acceptance speech, Eng Matamwandi thanked all candidates who participated in the elections for putting up a good fight.
“A fight that has given democracy a good name in EIZ because we have demonstrated that there is time to urge, time to race but once election results are declared we unite for one purpose of taking the institution to another level”, he said.

He said the new Council will always consult and engage all members in areas of their expertise.
He said the participation of more than three members on the position of president shows that EIZ is a professional body for all the members around the country.

Eng Matamwandi thanked the nominations and elections committee for organising the elections in a professional manner and said that Council shall be committed to ensuring that members act in an ethical and professional way.

“To this effect we shall constitute a disciplinary committee to take care of those that might bleach this directive”, he said.

He further thanked the minister for taking a lead in protecting the interest of the engineering profession in the country.
Eng Matamwandi said jobs being taken by foreigners are causing so much pain to members and it is gratifying that the minister is taking the first step in protecting engineering jobs.

He said as a professional body supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure the institution shall support the various initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry to move the country forward.

“I have in mind the vision 2030. We will do our very best to make sure that the government succeeds in that endeavour; and for the vision 2064, we will do what we can. And we have read the 7th National Development Plan, a lot of what needs to be done or achieved will require the involvement of engineering professionals and our members stand ready to help government,” he said.

Eng Matamwandi further said the 59th Council has no intension of revising the policies set but to improve on them.

He then urged all the members to work with the new Council to grow the institution.

And outgoing president Eng George Sitali said he shall continue to offer his support to the new Council and the President.

He also thanked the outgoing for their dedication and service to the institution.
“The incoming Council and the president, your race has just began, and you need to ensure that this institution continues to grow”

Minister of Infrastructure called on the new Council to work together and grow the engineering profession in Zambia.

He said Council should also work in unity with the other candidates who did not make it in the election.
“Now that elections are done you all need to work as one to improve the profession in the country,” he said.

EIZ successfully holds 2019 Symposium

We need younger innovative minds – Muwina

Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) Engineers Representative Eng. Lt. Col. Lillian Muwina has said the Paperate Competition serves as a platform for young engineering professional to develop and express their innovative ideas.
Speaking during the Paperate Competition held in Kitwe at Pamo Lodge recently, Eng. Muwina said EIZ is happy that students are taking their projects seriously hence the platform created for them to compete against each other for the best engineering projects.
“I recognise that as students you have taken time and made extra efforts to prepare your projects and for this I commend you all,” she said.
Eng. Muwina went on to say that Paperate Competitions not only provide a tool to check on engineering education standards in our Schools but also on the relevance of results we deliver to industry.
“EIZ recently signed an agreement with the Higher Education Authority which is a clear indicator of how committed the institution is to ensure quality is uncompromised on engineering programmes in Zambia,” she said.
She further said engineering contributes significantly to better society, economy and the nation.
“We want you as upcoming engineers to fully demonstrate your innovative ideas and critical thinking skills, therefore this is an opportunity for you to show how your projects will help improve the economy and help develop our country Zambia,” she said.
She went on to say that EIZ’s focus is to strengthen its own capacities, improve methodologies and ensure that the work of the students reflects on engineering perspective.
Eng. Muwina said the momentum created within the institution cannot be slowed down because skills in the 21st century is driven by excellence in Science, engineering and innovation by pushing the boundaries of knowledge and applying discoveries to produce new and improved products.
“This is therefore why we need to do better and improve our capacity to innovate and change our cultural mind set,” she said.
She also said the platform aims to give students a learning experience from each other which will help inspire the minds of other students to nurture engineering amongst themselves.
And speaking earlier EIZ Registrar and CEO Eng. viagrageneriquefr24.com Newton Zulu said paper writing and presentation is a basis on which knowledge should be shared.
He said the essence of the competition is to promote paper presentations starting at student level.
“EIZ being what it is, an institution mandated to promote the growth of engineering in the country, will be at the centre of generating knowledge that is relevant to the practice of engineering and make society a better place to live in,” he said.
And speaking at the same event, EIZ College Representative in the Northern Region Eng. Tina Phiri encouraged the students to continue working hard and improve on their projects.
She urged the students to use the knowledge gained in industry to help grow the profession and contribute to the economy of the country.
“I am proud to learn that we have design engineers who can design and create new innovations for the country,” she said.
This year’s competition saw 14 young engineering professionals from the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University taking part.
After presenting their papers, four students were picked with the first position going to CBU student Luhanga Mbela who presented on design and fabrication of an agitated grain sieving machine; the second position going to Kelvin Chongo who presented a design of a subsonic table top wind tunnel.
The third position was scoped by two students both from the University of Zambia. Francis Chewe presented on the determination of total heat load when mining the deep sections below 1457 metre level at Mufulira Mine, Zambia and Wamundila Akabombo presenting on the design of a Micro Hydropower station on Lusaka’s Ngwerere wastewater stream.
The four will be sponsored to attend the 2018 Annual General Meeting and Symposium in Livingstone and be given a chance to present before the general membership.

Msiska, Kan’gombe commend EIZ

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska has commended the Engineering Institution for Zambia (EIZ) for introducing mentorship programmes for young engineering professionals.

Speaking when he officiated at the EIZ business meeting held in Lusaka at the Radisson Blu hotel recently, Dr Msiska said the issue of mentorship and coaching is a very important element in building the young generation.

“My hope is that the reason why you are speaking about coaching and mentorship is to shift young men and women who https://www.viagrageneriquefr24.com/le-viagra-generique/ have just qualified to be competent through coaching and mentorship from senior professionals,” he said.

He said mentorship is something that is important not only to the engineering professionals but to all professionals in the country.

Dr Msiska went on to say that the country has too many people with qualifications but not competent.

“We have to admit that competence is key among our professionals and so we need to start looking at competence-based type of training and assessments where issue of coaching and mentoring becomes a very critical component,” he said.

He said the mentorship Programme will help move people from not just being qualified but to being competent engineering professionals who will then help develop the country.

The Secretary to the Cabinet urged the engineering professionals to look at the 7th National Development Plan because the economy cannot happen without industrialisation and value addition which is emphasised in the 7th National Development Plan.

Dr Msiska went on to say that though the country is 53 years old since independence, Zambia is still importing equipment that should be developed by local engineering professionals.

He further said these are the challenges that the profession should start addressing.

Dr Msiska went on to say that though the country is 53 years old since independence, Zambia is still importing equipment that should be developed by local engineering professionals.

He further said these are the challenges that the profession should start addressing.

He went on to say that the theme of discussion “Fostering Sustainable Economic Growth through Human Capital Development” will help come up with resolutions on what needs to be done with regards to stable human capital development because human capital is one of the critical determinants of sustainable growth.

“For growth to be sustainable there is need therefore to invest in human capital and skills because without properly designed deliberate human capital development programmes we cannot develop as a nation,” he said.

He further said any institution that is futuristic in thinking and planning should start with human capital development because as professionals what EIZ does should always be in the interest of serving the country, the people of Zambia and the society at large.

He said that it is clear that in today’s increasingly competitive world sustainable growth requires continuous improvement in productivity efficiency which in turn requires among other things sustained investment in human capital development.

“One of the ways we can attract foreign direct investment is by having competent qualified personnel because without such personnel it becomes a challenge,” he said.

He went on to say that Government and his office are always open to new engineering ideas and innovation that will help the country develop and have industries that will greatly contribute to the economy.

And speaking  at the business meeting held in Kitwe, Kitwe Mayor Eng. Christopher Kan’gombe said engineering professionals need to be in the forefront of finding solutions to challenges being faced by the country especially ones to do with energy, infrastructure development, industrialisation and insufficient numbers of competent and experienced human capital.

He said professionals need to help the government in the implementation of projects, programmes and overall development agenda for adopting best practices in various roles within the engineering fraternity.

“What we want is to see local and indigenous Zambia engineering professionals such as yourselves taking center stage in all aspects of the development agenda of this country in as far as engineering is concerned,” he said.

He said until engineering professionals take a lead in the various infrastructure projects currently taking shape in the country there won’t be increased job and wealth creation.

The mayor said there is need to help government to find ways to sustain the country’s human capital in the engineering fraternity for the nation to fully implement the mammoth task outlined in the 7th National Development Plan.

He further said that government remains committed in the construction of roads, hospitals, and schools among other infrastructural development projects which need professionals in order to have projects of high standards.

“This can only be achieved if our engineering professionals are effective and efficient as they operate ethically and have adequate skills and competencies necessary for tasks ahead,” he said.

He went on to say that there is need for mindset change towards work so as to have a reliable cadre of engineering professionals ready to undertake any national programme.

Eng. Kan’gombe also called on the institution to consider transforming engineering professionals’ attitude towards work as the mentorship Programme is being put in place.

And speaking at both meetings EIZ President Eng. George Sitali said EIZ has seen a big gap between learning institutions and the industry hence the initiative to introduce mentorship and coaching for young engineering professionals.

“This meeting is to discuss actionable ideas that will inform policy choices for fostering sustainable economic growth in Zambia through human capital development,” he said.

Eng. Sitali said this is to be achieved with the help of the senior engineering professionals who are fellows of the institution to offer mentorship to the young upcoming engineering professionals.

The two business meetings were held under the theme “Fostering sustainable economic growth through human capital development”.

Women launch engineering section

ACTING President Inonge Wina has launched the first-ever Zambia Women in Engineering Section (ZWES) with a call to increase the number of women in the engineering sector in Zambia.
Mrs Wina said in Lusaka yesterday that the need to involve women in matters of development like engineering has increased the world over as evidenced by the number of pronouncements made to support women’s participation.
Mrs Wina, who was represented by Minister of Energy and Water Development Dora Siliya, said women participation in engineering has steadily grown over the years thus the need for them to have a voice and the section. Read more “Women launch engineering section”

THE Engineering Institution of Zambia has fined Collum Coal Mine K720 million for operating illegally.