We need younger innovative minds – Muwina

Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) Engineers Representative Eng. Lt. Col. Lillian Muwina has said the Paperate Competition serves as a platform for young engineering professional to develop and express their innovative ideas.
Speaking during the Paperate Competition held in Kitwe at Pamo Lodge recently, Eng. Muwina said EIZ is happy that students are taking their projects seriously hence the platform created for them to compete against each other for the best engineering projects.
“I recognise that as students you have taken time and made extra efforts to prepare your projects and for this I commend you all,” she said.
Eng. Muwina went on to say that Paperate Competitions not only provide a tool to check on engineering education standards in our Schools but also on the relevance of results we deliver to industry.
“EIZ recently signed an agreement with the Higher Education Authority which is a clear indicator of how committed the institution is to ensure quality is uncompromised on engineering programmes in Zambia,” she said.
She further said engineering contributes significantly to better society, economy and the nation.
“We want you as upcoming engineers to fully demonstrate your innovative ideas and critical thinking skills, therefore this is an opportunity for you to show how your projects will help improve the economy and help develop our country Zambia,” she said.
She went on to say that EIZ’s focus is to strengthen its own capacities, improve methodologies and ensure that the work of the students reflects on engineering perspective.
Eng. Muwina said the momentum created within the institution cannot be slowed down because skills in the 21st century is driven by excellence in Science, engineering and innovation by pushing the boundaries of knowledge and applying discoveries to produce new and improved products.
“This is therefore why we need to do better and improve our capacity to innovate and change our cultural mind set,” she said.
She also said the platform aims to give students a learning experience from each other which will help inspire the minds of other students to nurture engineering amongst themselves.
And speaking earlier EIZ Registrar and CEO Eng. viagrageneriquefr24.com Newton Zulu said paper writing and presentation is a basis on which knowledge should be shared.
He said the essence of the competition is to promote paper presentations starting at student level.
“EIZ being what it is, an institution mandated to promote the growth of engineering in the country, will be at the centre of generating knowledge that is relevant to the practice of engineering and make society a better place to live in,” he said.
And speaking at the same event, EIZ College Representative in the Northern Region Eng. Tina Phiri encouraged the students to continue working hard and improve on their projects.
She urged the students to use the knowledge gained in industry to help grow the profession and contribute to the economy of the country.
“I am proud to learn that we have design engineers who can design and create new innovations for the country,” she said.
This year’s competition saw 14 young engineering professionals from the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University taking part.
After presenting their papers, four students were picked with the first position going to CBU student Luhanga Mbela who presented on design and fabrication of an agitated grain sieving machine; the second position going to Kelvin Chongo who presented a design of a subsonic table top wind tunnel.
The third position was scoped by two students both from the University of Zambia. Francis Chewe presented on the determination of total heat load when mining the deep sections below 1457 metre level at Mufulira Mine, Zambia and Wamundila Akabombo presenting on the design of a Micro Hydropower station on Lusaka’s Ngwerere wastewater stream.
The four will be sponsored to attend the 2018 Annual General Meeting and Symposium in Livingstone and be given a chance to present before the general membership.